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OGC-User Feedback Standard Working Group

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) announced the formation of a new OGC Technical Committee Standards Working Group (SWG). The purpose of this SWG is to explore and propose terms for a standard to enable interoperability between user feedback annotations and services. The charter is available here (

The explosive growth of data and producer metadata has decreased the efficiency data search catalogues, making the discovery of a dataset that fits user requirements very time consuming. To help resolve this issue, many systems and projects are collecting user feedback. Some of them, such as the GeoViQua project, focus on capturing user comments about geospatial information. We need to gain consensus on a user feedback model that is simple enough for the user to understand, easy enough to implement for wide adoption, and powerful enough to allow experts to have the functionality they require. The GeoViQua User Feedback Model offers a starting point for this discussion. There, the primary SWG focus is to develop a common conceptual model that will serve the purposes of creating encodings.

The GUF SWG will consist of interested parties from across a broad range of the geosciences, academic institutions, and commercial and government organizations that are involved with or interested in improving metadata catalogues and discovery portals (generic or thematic) that are interested in providing better (and relevant) results and comparison capabilities based on user feedback. This is not meant as a limiting statement but instead is intended to provide guidance to interested potential participants as to whether they wish to participate in this SWG.

The conveners of the GFU SWG are Joan Masó of UAB-CREAF Spain, Simon Thum of the Fraunhofer Institute and Lucy Bastin of Aston University. The following Charter Members support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule. Others may join this list before the SWG is officially chartered.



Joan Masó


Lucy Bastin

Aston University

Veronica Guidetti

European Space Agency

Lorenzo Bigagli

CNR Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Research

Simon Thum

Fraunhofer Institute

Daniel Nüst

52° North

Erin Robinson

Foundation for Earth Science

The Geospatial User Feedback SWG is established with the following proposed activities:

1. Review the GeoViQua User Feedback Model (UFM; sometimes referred as Consumer Quality Model or User Quality Model) UML and XML schema that is currently included in the version 4 of the GeoViQua General Quality model ( and determine the best way to bring it into the OGC process.

2. Reach out to experts in online collaboration (e.g. on the topic of wikis) and scientific peer review processes to harvest existing research and experiences.

3. Refine which feedback items are more useful for users, producers and distributors, and discern what concepts can be easily understood by users and what others are less attractive as feedback items due to their descriptive and technical complexity.

4. Investigate how to best incorporate the UFM into the OGC standards framework (and the ISO 19115 Metadata model) including identifying places where there may be common elements in existing standards. Identify required best practices for data owner to allow users to comment on the metadata accessible through OGC data services such as WFS, WCS, and SOS.

5. Develop a UFM standard.

6. Assist the current implementations of the GeoViQua Quality model in the migration to the final agreed UFM standard.

7. Investigate the need for a revision of the OGC abstract model to include the User Feedback concept for Geospatial information.

8. Consider the standardization of a User Feedback query API or service interface and its relation to the CSW standards and impact on the GEO label concept.

9. Interact with other DWGs about challenges of globally identifying datasets and multilingual metadata.

10. Support upcoming research projects and implementers in taking up the GeoViQua UFM and the existing software implementations.

The work in the GeoViQua User Feedback Model was conducted by several OGC members (such as: UAB-CREAF, Aston University, Fraunhofer Institute, 52°North, ESA and CNR) that are also OGC members. OGCE is also partner of GeoViQua project. During the GeoViQua project several implementations of the User Feedback Model were developed by S&T Corp. (User feedback API and GUI interface for User Feedback creation and database), CNR (Discovery and Access Broker integration and another User Feedback creation database), ESA and 52°North (GEOSS Portal integration, XMLBeans for GeoViQua Quality Model) and Aston University (GEO label API, Feedback Model Encoding Schema) and this will be the bases for the SWG.

The first meeting of this group took place in June 10th, 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland).

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