This project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº265178

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UAB:  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)___

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) was founded in 1968 and is 2nd in the national ranking of universities (2004-2005) and recently has been recognized as a campus of international excellence by the Ministries for Education (MEC) and for Science and Innovation (MICINN) of the Spanish Government. The Group of Methods and Applications in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GRUMETS) in the Department of Geography aims to propose new algorithms, methodologies and tools for GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography and land dynamics. The group has broad experience in image processing of remote sensors, having worked with images of low, medium and high spatial resolution from both satellite and airborne sensors. The members of the research group have published about 150 scientific papers and obtained a "Research, innovation and development" award from the Catalan Government.

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Main tasks in Project____________________________________________________

UAB will coordinate and work on the pilot case studies and metadata standards

Key project participants_________________________________________________________

Dr. Xavier Pons (PhD degree in Remote Sensing and GIS in 1992) is Full Professor at the Department of Geography of UAB focusing on Remote Sensing (satellite and airborne) and the development of GIS, both in terms of data structure and organization and in terms of software writing. He has participated, and leaded in many cases, more than 50 research projects. Recent works include descriptive climatology models, land use change analysis, study lossy images extracting information (JPEG2000, etc) and Remote Sensing studies about water usage in forest and crops. His publications in these fields have had an important impact and have been referenced by more than 800 papers. Key role in the project: Technical requirements definition and agriculture and remote sensing chain pilot case studies.

Dr. Miquel Ninyerola (PhD degree in GIS in 2001) is Full Professor at the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology of UAB. His main interests are focused on plant-climate interactions through GIS and remote sensing: patterns on plant distribution under past and future climatic change scenarios, drought impacts on vegetation as well as the development of climate maps using spatial interpolation techniques. He has co-developed the Digital Climatic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula and the Topo-climatic suitability Atlas of woody species. He has published more than 15 papers with a multidisciplinary point of view. Key role in the project: climate pilot case study, main coordinator of the pilot cases.

Dr. Pere Serra (PhD degree in Geography in 2002). His activity focus on RS imagery applied to landcover and land-use change analysis, landscape dynamics and monitoring water usage in Mediterranean crops. He participated in European and Spanish projects and he worked in the Joint Research Centre with Mr. Javier Gallego. He is actually Lecturer at the Department of Geography. Recent he assessed RS classifications from a per-pixel and per-polygon perspective, the flooding dynamics of rice fields and the comparison of water-saving strategies. Key role in the project: Agriculture pilot case study.

Dr. Jordi Cristóbal (PhD degree in Environmental Sciences in 2008). His activity focus on climate modelling using RS and geographical data, thermal atmospheric corrections of satellite imagery and energy fluxes modelling. He has recently worked in water usage and snow coverage from long series of satellite images and in landscape modelling. He is an associate professor at the Department of Geography at the UAB. In 2010 he will be a visiting professor at USDA. Key role in the project: Climate pilot case study.

Dr. Alaitz Zabala (PhD in Geography in 2010 and MS degree in Remote Sensing and GIS). She is the main developer of the GeMM MiraMon metadata tool. She is a researcher and associate professor at the Department of Geography at UAB. Her main research interests are ISO standardised metadata, lossy images (JPEG2000) and developing standardised servers. She has participated in several competitive projects and has led contracts about conceptual metadata developments. In 2010 she had a half year stage at the ESA Noordwijk Technoly Center . Key role in the project: Contribute to the metadata and standardisation issues of the project.

Mr. Gerard Moré (MS degree in Remote Sensing and GIS in 2003, MSc 2008). His activity is focused on RS, in the usage of multitemporal series of images applied to the generation of categorical and quantitative cartography of forests and crops. Recent works include accuracy assessment in RS classification from per-pixel and per-polygon perspective, monitoring multitemporal flooding dynamics of rice fields, quantification of the effect of the number of images (dates) in detailed forestry classification, and LIDAR information to estimate ecological parameters on Mediterranean forest. Key role in the project: Agriculture and remote sensing chain pilot case studies and coordinate the WP7.

Mr. Oscar González (BS degree in Biology in 2006, MS degree in Remote Sensing and GIS in 2007). Since 2007 he has been working for the GRUMETS research group at the Geography department of the UAB as a support technician with the objectives of improving satellite image processing and crop mapping. Since 2010 he is also coordinating the Master degree in Remote Sensing and GIS offered by CREAF and UAB now in its 14 th edition.

Dr. Eva Sevillano (European PhD degree in Agroforestry in 2010, University of León). Researcher at the Department of Geography at UAB. She has participated in research projects linked to nature conservation, rural development and forestry in several institutions and research centres (SCION in New Zealand, Wald-Zentrum in Germany, EFI in Finland, ASFOSO, FAFCYLE, CITA-PCTAD in Spain). Recent works include local management, silviculture and socioeconomic analysis, growth & biomass modelling, suitability mapping, forest attributes estimation using RS and GIS tools, pilot cases and quality indicators spatialization and uncertainty assessment in classification procedures in the context of the FP7 GeoViQua project. Coordinator of the pilot cases and WP7. Participation in WPs activities: scenarios design, agriculture scenario quality assessment, deliverables

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