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___________________S[&]t Corporation (The Netherlands)_____________________

S[&]t Corporation (S&T stands for Science & Technology) is an SME conducting high-tech projects and consultancy related to technical software engineering and analysis. S&T started in 2000 and has grown to a diverse group of 30 scientists and engineers. Typical customers and participants are the European Space Agency (ESA), TNO, EADS, ASTRIUM, VEGA, Siemens, SNECMA, Logica and others. S&T has a broad experience in building data quality monitoring, control and visualisation systems for various EO-missions, such as ENVISAT, GOCE, and Radar Altimetry. Typically these systems involve extraction of data from both instrument raw data and processed product flows, processing the data into quality data, conditional handling of EO data based on data quality analysis results, and visualisation and reporting data quality to users.

The systems also allow quality engineers to analyse these data interactively in order to perform in-depth investigation. Although the various EO missions and instruments are very heterogeneous in terms of the operations concept, data flows, data product format, data processing and visualisation, S&T is continuously trying to find generic concepts for these topics. Therefore, in addition to its quality monitoring software development activities, S&T is currently involved in various standardisation projects for data quality, including investigating application of QA4EO to its software. S&T aims will contribute the lessons learnt from the implementation of industrial data quality monitoring systems and from its current quality information standardisation activities to the GeoViQua project.

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Main tasks in Project____________________________________________________

Contribute to WP3 with respect to the data quality metadata design, data quality metadata extraction design, and user contributed quality tools. Contribute to WP7 for implementation of WP3 results, and a more minor consultancy role in WP5 on data quality visualisation concepts. In particular S&T will bring experience of the design of the Generic Cal/Val Analysis Environment (GECA) which will form a starting point for many of the developments within GeoViQua.

Key project participants_________________________________________________________

MSc Joost Smeets: graduated in 1995 in Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He started his career as systems and control engineer, and has worked at S&T since 2002 in the areas of systems engineering, calibration analysis, software engineering, and project management. As a software engineer, he has been responsible for realizing software and hardware systems that automatically and interactively assess data quality from EO satellites such as ENVISAT (GOMOS, MIPAS, RA-2, SCIAMACHY), and is currently working on calibration and data quality monitoring facilities for future missions such as ADM/AEOLUS and SWARM. Key role in the project: coordinate the S&T contributions to data quality interface and extraction, application of quality meta-results to pilot cases, and consultancy on visualisation concepts of quality data.

MSc Sander Niemeijer: graduated in 2000 in Mathematical Engineering at TU Delft, The Netherlands. After working as a Software Engineer on GSM/UMTS telecommunication services at Lucent Technologies, he joined S&T in 2001 as Project Manager and Lead Architect for several software projects in the domain of Earth Observation Systems and Atmospheric Science. Currently he is working on several projects related to ingestion, quality control, and visualisation of EO data. He has worked on quality control facilities for ENVISAT, ADM-AEOLUS, Cryosat-2, and SWARM, and has also been involved in analysing the application of the QA4EO-standards to EO missions. Currently he works on the Generic Environment for CAL/VAL Analysis (GECA) project where he is lead architect on developing a Quality Information and Action Protocol for communicating a-posteriori quality information on EO data to users, and is also involved in the definition and implementation of a Correlative Meta Data format. Key role in the project: Support the de sign of quality information metadata concepts and interfaces, and implementation of these items into pilot cases.

MSc Maud van den Broek: graduated as Aerospace Engineer in the field of Solid Earth Dynamics. After two years working as validation engineer for the Galileo program she switched to become a software engineer at Science and Technology. Her specialism is in creating applications and graphical user interfaces (C++, Qt, Python) to be used in scientific environments. Within GeoViQua she is the lead software engineer for the implementation of the feedback catalogue and extension of the GECA tool to an intercomparison Web Processing Service .

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