This project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº265178

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________________________________ Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe) Limited (OGCE) ________________________________________________________

The Open Geospatial Consortium ( Europe ) Ltd OGCE is the European branch for the European region that was formed in 2001. It is organized and operated as a non-stock, not for profit company limited by guarantee under The Companies Act 1985 of England and Wales and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. OGCE's purpose is to support business in Europe on behalf of OGC's mission, goals and objectives, as required in various situations. However, most activities among OGC members in Europe do not directly involve OGCE. OGC that is an international consortium formed by international industry consortium of 480 companies, government agencies and universities participating in a consensus process to develop publicly available interface standards. OGC ® Standards support interoperable solutions that "geo-enable" the Web, wireless and location-based services and mainstream IT. The standards empower technology developers to make complex spatial information and services accessible and useful with all kinds of applications.

OGC standards are developed in a unique consensus process supported by the OGC's industry, government and academic members to enable geoprocessing technologies to interoperate, or "plug and play". The OGC trademark is associated with products that implement our standards and that have obtained the Certified OGC Compliant brand.

OGC has a broad experience in promote interoperable geoprocessing in Europe based on OGS's standards and principles for architecture, OpenGis Specifications, and on software engineering development processes that use standards-based, commercial-off-the-self (SCOTS) products. Also in assisting European organizations in supporting, monitoring and managing programs where interoperability is a focus or an inherent requirement. Finally it facilities enhancement of OpenGis specifications by identifying requirements and recruiting initiative sponsors and participants from Europe for OGC activities including global test beds and pilots and specification working groups.

OGCE has strategic liaisons whith ESA, EUSC,JRC and has participated in many relevant projects to GeoViQua such as: GIGAS, RISE, GETIS, GINIE, ORCHESTRA. OGCE will contribute to the development of standardization activities in OWS-9 that will involve external actors in the development phase but also contributing to a faster and broader dissemination and outreach.

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Main tasks in Project____________________________________________________

OWS-9 will conduct a thread on Cross-Community Interoperability (CCI) and a thread on OpenGis Web Service Innovations. In the CCI OGCE will provide a service consisting in the elaboration of a ‘CCI Conflation whith Provenance Engineering Report' and ‘Catalog for Provenance' will contribute to Task 8.1 and stimulate internal work on components develop in WP3 and WP5. In the OpenGis Web Services Innovations OGCE will provided a service consisting in the elaboration of a ‘Data Quality for Web Mapping Engineering Report' that will contribute to Task 8.1 and to stimulate internal work on components develop WP5. OGCE wishes to be part of the consortium and agrees on the financial conditions common FP7 calls.

Key project participants________________________________________________________

Athina Trakas . Director of European Servives. Key role in the project: Ensure dissemination and outreach activities and collaborate on the creation of new interoperability standards and best practices.


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