The Official Master in Remote Sensing and GIS is organized with the collaboration of the UAB and the Escola Universitāria de Turisme i Direcciķ Hotelera (EUTDH)-FUAB. In order to complete the registration, entry and enrolment proces is it necessary to follow some steps. Please, read carefully the text bellow, and in case of doubt contact master@creaf.uab.cat:

1.- Registration: Apply for admission to the Master through the UAB (until October 2021):

Follow the instructions in this link:

First of all, you will have to fill out a form in order to obtain a User Identification Numbers (if you have been student of the UAB before, this step is not necessary). In second place, is it necessary to fill out the admission form, scan the necesary personal and academic documents and attach them to the application. Pay the registration fee (30,21 € not reimbursable) using a bank card (credit or debit), and download the receipt of the application is the final step.

2.- Entry / Reservation of the studies vacancy:

Some days after finishing the admission process, you will receive a formal response from the coordination of the Master in order to let you know if you are admitted or not. In case you are finally admitted, you will be able to pay the pre-registration fees through the EUTDH website within 15 days. This fee represent a total amount of 1000 € and can be paid by credit card through a link provided by the coordinator. If you fail to settle the payment of the fees within this period, the Centre could cover the vacancy with another candidate.

This payment ensures you a place in the next Master course. This amount will only be returned in case of anullation of the Masters course.
*In the observations section, put as concept "Remote Sensing and GIS Master"

3.- Enrolment:

The Center will instruct the student the day and time for the enrolment procedure in September. The student must pay the final registration amount 3620 € (4620 € (77 € * 60 credits) -1000 €) for EU students and 4820 € (5820 € (97 € * 60 credits) -1000 €) for Non-EU students. This payment must be done through a link provided by the coordinator.
*In the observations section, put as concept "Remote Sensing and GIS Master"


Types of payment:


    - Single payment: It has a 3% of discount.

    - Split payment in two terms: 60% and 40%.

    - Bank lending without interest by SABADELL CONSUMER: 3, 5 or 9 term


    For more information contact: fuab.formacio.financament@uab.cat


    Deductions in the tuition fees:


    - Scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECD). 100% discount of the public price of the enrolled credits.

    - Large Family Card (not including Single Parent Card): 50% discount of the public price of the enrolled credits.

    - Disabled: 100% discount of the public price of the enrolled credits. Only if the disability is 33% or superior.


    * Remember that there is a private part of the fees which are not affected by the deductions.

    Documents required for the enrolment 


- Students from Spain or other countries in the EU:
- Registration Form (will be provided by the Center)

- Certified copy of the degree certificate
- Copy of the DNI or passport
- 2 passport size photographs

- Students from other countries:
If your degree has been obtained in a country out of the EU, you must present:
- Legalized copy of the degree certificate*
- Legalized copy of the academic record*
- Copy of the passport
- 2 passport size photographs

*A legalized title must present Apostiye of the Hague or the following stamps:
- Ministry of Education in the country of origin
- Ministry of External Affairs in the country of origin
- Spanish embassy in that country

The termination of the school enrolment will only concur in returning the fees if it's requested within 30 days following the formalization of the enrolment, and if the student provides justifiable personal reasons or causes that will not allow the normal course of the studies. In this case, 35% of the fees will be deducted from the total amount because of administrative expenses and services.


Implementation dates:
04/10/2021 - 25/05/2022

Monday-Thursday:16:30 - 20:30h
Friday: 15-19h

EU students: € 79 per credit. Non-EU students: € 99 per credit. This includes taxes and student insurance.


Best students’ award: upon completion of the Master, students with better marks will receive a prize of € 1500. A prize will be awarded for every five students.

Admission Cost (30.21€)

Contact master.td.sig@uab.cat